FAQ - Quicktion

If you have a question that it is not answered here, please contact us.

Does Quicktion have access to all my emails?

No, Quicktion can only see the emails you view while having the add-on opened. If the add-on is closed then it has no access. We take your privacy seriously, if you have any specific questions please feel free to reach us out.

Are attachments supported and where are they saved?

Some other tools support attachments, but they aren’t secure and can be accessed simply with a link. However, Quicktion stores attachments in your Google Drive account and then links them to Notion. This way, you can only access them if you are logged in.

What is an action?

Actions are the means by which you can save your emails to different databases or with different default values. When creating an action, you will be able to map the various properties of the email to the properties of your Notion databases. For instance, you can map the subject of the email to the title property of your database, and you can do the same with the email date, body, sender, etc.

Can we also save emails to Airtable or Coda?

Currently, only Notion is supported, but we have plans to include integrations with both Airtable and Coda. If you would like us to consider other platforms, please contact us.

Can I use Quicktion from Gmail mobile app?

We have good news, you can quickly save your emails from mobile as well.